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What is Scientology? Grand exhibition

A: Auditing* rooms to deliver Scientology® counseling.
B: Video room showing “An Introduction to Scientology” video.
C: Lecture room where lectures on the basics of Scientology will be delivered.
D: Film room showing the film “Orientation”.
E: Personality Testing Center.

1. Introduction & the bona fides of Scientology.
2. The fundamentals and religious heritage of Scientology.
3. Introduction to L. Ron Hubbard, Founder.
4. The Purification Program, Dianetics & Successes of Scientology.
5. What is the E-meter?
6. Scientology's role in the community & Volunteer Ministers.
7. Bookstore selling basic books & Scientology Handbook booklets.
8. The life of L. Ron Hubbard.
9. Ron magazines.
10. Scientology on the Internet; Safeguarding Human Rights.
11. Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics & The Way to Happiness Foundation.

*auditing: the central religious practice of Scientology, which is a precise form of spiritual counseling between a Scientology minister and a parishioner.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will cover 1,000 sq metres, with over 300 photos, demonstrations, video presentations, film showings, lectures and information about the Church's activities. It is an opportunity for people to come and find out what Scientology is all about. You can come in and ask questions, have a look around, and learn for yourself.

The picture and plan below gives an overview of what can be seen at the Exhibition.

To find out when the “What is Scientology?” Grand Exhibition will be visiting your area please email

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