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What is Scientology? Grand exhibition

 W elcome to the What is Scientology? Grand Exhibition introducing effective solutions to combat the planet-wide drug problem.

  • What is Scientology? Find out for yourself.
  • Learn about the only effective way to fully remove drugs and toxins from your body!
  • Free consultation about how you can think more clearly
  • Free film describing the Scientology® religion and its churches
  • Interesting brochures and articles to take away
  • Relax, while helpful staff answer your questions

Scientologists are 100% drug-free, and a focal point to this exhibition is the Scientology detoxification program called the Purification Program, developed by humanitarian and founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard.

This program, designed to remove toxins and drugs from the body naturally, without the use of other drugs, has proven enormously successful throughout the world. The results leave a person able to think more clearly, be more alert, aware and self-confident, as well as free from the harmful effects of drugs and other toxic residues.

Visitors to the exhibition will be given the chance to see in detail how this works.

To find out when the “What is Scientology?” Grand Exhibition will be visiting your area please email

The Exhibition

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